Sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint

We aim to do as many activities from our campsites, therefore once you are there, reducing your carbon footprint by not using your car.  We are working with third party suppliers who are actively reducing their single use plastic.

Each holiday is facilitated by an experienced leader who is interested in climate change.  Any adventurous activities are led by qualified instructors with national governing body certificates.


There are 5 core themes running through our holidays

Art – making art out of natural materials or plastic, bee hotels, basket making, bee bombs, clay art, natural dyes, pottery, making mandalas

Food – visiting organic farms or small holdings, learning about soil fertility, water conservation, crop rotation, animals, cheese makers, artisan bread makers, honey producers, taste tests between organic food and supermarket food, discussions about current issues facing farmers, foraging

Water/microplastics – doing a litter pick on a beach or river via canoe or boat,

Energy – linking up with local plastic free campaigns, visiting a recycling centres, wind turbine companies, reed bed sewage, passive houses, sustainable building techniques

Woodland – Linking with wildlife wardens on National Trust land, Wildlife Reserves, private woodland owners so you understand what impact our actions have on plants and animals and including bat walks and star gazing


We also include:

Educational activities – carbon literacy quiz, facilitating discussions about how we are reducing our carbon footprint.

Mountain biking – we hire mountain bikes from third party suppliers, allowing us to go further from our campsite.  All instruction and guides are provided.

Kayaking – using qualified instructors, no experience is required.  We include some time to pick up litter from the beach or river.

Meditation – as we are all aware our mental health is so important and we include some time for optional quiet meditation, giving you techniques which you can try at home.

Journalling –  writing, drawing and collecting items from the weekend has proven to settle our minds and is a great technique to try at home to improve your mental health.


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